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      I am a chief forencic expert of Jinhua Plice Station in Zhejiang province of china, wearing second-class police rank of superintendent. I used to be the assistant lecturer of anatomy depantment of Jinhua Health School (now be Jinhua medical college). For two years I had been to the medicine department of Zhejiang University and department concered for further studies. It has been thirty years since I am engaged in the teaching of human anatomy and inspected of the scene of a crime or accident. For a long time I overworked myself. Particularly during human body dissection we need to pull the corpse in and out form the refrigeratory which made my haunch damnified in February 1990. When I was lifting a barrel of water one day, my waist and right lower limb suffered acute pain. From that day on, I couldnt walk any more and had to stay in bed. After falling ill, the ache in the waist, arms and limbs lasted. My waist and bottom were contorted with the pain. Its hard to bend down or stand up or get up. I couldnt do few things such as putting on my pants or shoes. Id rather die than live like this, for I cant walk and have to be very careful when I cough, sneeze or to go the toilet. CT showed that I got the lumbar protrusion of the intervertebral disc in the L4-5, L5-S1.

      Falling ill and seeing a doctor everywhere is gnawing, Especially I got an incurable illness .I suffered more pain than people can imagine. To cure the illness, I had a really rough time and underwent all kinds of hardships. I tried various treatments, herb medicine, western medicine, physical treatment, massage, epidural anaesthesia, Chinese traditional manipulation, puncture, pulling out fire bottle, Traction, palatine canal therapy, the hospitalization treats etc .The unendurable pain lasted nearly thirty months. I adopted above various methods, But all the curative effect is very tiny. I also consulted relevant experts whether I can have surgical operation treatment. Experts assertion was that the success rate of surgical operation is not only low but also it cant cure for good and easy to relapse .The relapse rate is high. Once the surgical operation accident appears, it will probably result in paralysis life long. So we did not decide to take the surgical operation.

      With my illness experiences and the knowledge of medicine gained through practice, I decided to take the hard problem of the world. To make dreams come true, I gathered folk prescription widely and had an open mind to ask the old Chinese folk doctor, even herbalist. If I knew there were someone who will cure or have special prescription for this disease .I will not mind takeing all the trouble to consult. Then I made experiment on myself heaps of times, ignoring the side effect or sequelaes or how bitter the herb tasted. For the purpose to relieve the illness, I will not hesitate. Originally I seldom drink. Because medicated wine will be more convenient than decocting and do the deed more quickly, I not only ate fried medicine but forced myself to take medicated wine. My tonsils were not in good shape and the hemorrhoids always recurred. But after I took the Chinese herbal medicine soup and the medicated wine, the pain eased gradually and effected a radical cure . I never thought this miracle would be fell. And Ive overcome the refractory disease-protrusion of cervical,lumbar intervertebral disc.

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